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Josh Mahaby Pop Art
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NOW in Nl Galerie Austria

[seese_dropcap]T[/seese_dropcap] his year started with great news. We are so excited to announce a new collaboration with a great galerie based in Salzburg – Austria. Two pieces from Josh Mahaby are now being part of the exhibition.

NL Galerie

The gallery features works by famous artists from the world of contemporary and pop art. Some of the likes of the great Brazilian artist Romero Britto, and others more current such as Denial, Whatisname or Richard Berber.

Mr Monopoly Make Me Rich – Mixed media framed canvas 61 x 81
“Mickey Has Become an Influencer? – Mixed media framed canvas 61 x 81”

Josh Mahaby NL Galerie Austria

Josh Mahaby NL Galerie Austria


You can now enjoy these two works by visiting the gallery in Griesgasse 10, 5020 Salzburg, Austria, or placing your order through the NL Galerie online store www.nl-galerie.com.

We take this opportunity to thank Nils Larsen for this opportunity.

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