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José Porto, a.k.a. “Josh Mahaby”. Graphic and Advertising Designer; Art Director and Illustrator, born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1982. He began his professional career at the young age of 22, in a renowned advertising agency in his hometown; and, in 2008, with only 25 years old, he settled in Alicante – Spain, after being hired by a local design agency.

After 20 years of experience in the area, he has developed an innovative technique which combines multiple disciplines, such as: spray painting, acrylics, illustration, digital art with photomontag, and Pop Art sculptures.

His passion for rock music, as well as for branding, and graphic design can be seen in every detail around his artworks.


The style and technique on Josh Mahaby’s work has called the attention of private collectors and personalities of the fashion world. This is how some pieces from the Hypebeast series, a mix of brands and cartoons, are now owned by the Gucci family.

In 2021, a piece called “Homer back to 80’s”, a 50×60 cm. acrylic paint on canvas, has also become a desired piece by a celebrity. This is how Josh’s “Homer” is now hanging on the walls of Jorge Lorenzo, 4 times moto GP world champion.

In addition to all this, Josh Mahaby’s pieces have had a big participation in auction houses around the world, next to great artists, such as Banksy, Brian Donelly, a.k.a. “Kaws“, Karla Lagasse, and Shepard Fairey, a.k.a. “Obey”.


Josh Mahaby NL Galerie Salzburg Austria

NL Galerie / Salzburgo – Austria

In 2019, Josh Mahaby displayed a permanent exhibition in Salzburg, Austria. Invited by the NL Gallerie owners, Josh’s works of art were exhibited along with pieces from Romero Brito, Gomor, Richard Berner, Sebastian Burdon, a.k.a. “Whatshisname”, and Paul Thierry, among others.


Daniele Comelli Josh Mahaby

Gallery Daniele Comelli / Genova – Italy

In June 2020, Josh Mahaby started to work with the Comelli Art Gallery, in a series of private exhibitions aimed at art collectors, and regular guests from the gallery. This time, his pieces of art were shown alongside artworks from incredible artists like Alec Monopoly, Karl Lagasse, Marco Battaglini, Lino Lago, Amanda Toy, Brian Donelly, a.k.a. “Kaws”, and Tommy de Falco.


Kawai Gallery Josh Mahaby

Kawai Art Gallery / Warsaw – Poland

In November 2021, the artist began collaborating with Kawai Gallery. Located in the historical city of Warsaw, Poland, this art gallery was founded by Karolina Wozniak, a famous Polish supermodel, also known for being a Pop Art collector and lover.


Singulart / France

Also, in 2021, after many months of work, Josh Mahaby was selected by the Singulart team to be part as an artist on the exhibition. This online art gallery, created in Paris, France, in 2017, is one of the biggest in Europe; also very well positioned worldwide.

Another Galleries

Precision Auction House / London – UK.
Signani Gallery – Las Vegas / United States.
LiveAcutioneers.com – United States.
Invaluable – United States.
Catawiki – Netherland.


Most of Josh Mahaby’s art pieces have been sold to private collectors and regular clients, from different parts of the world, such as: Europe: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, UK, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Poland, and Bulgaria. Asia: Japan, China, Russia, Indonesia, among others. North America: USA and Canada. Oceania: Australia.

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