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Arriving to Genova Italy

I am very happy to announce that starting this year, my work will be on display and sale at Daniele Comelli Art Gallery in Genova Italy. In this way, I will be exhibiting alongside great contemporary pop artists such as: Kaws, Alec Monopoly, Amanda toy, Angelo Accardi, Karl Lagasse, etc.

In addition to original works and acrylic paintings; the first units of the Hypebeast hand-finished will be exclusively available, numbered, signed and certified. An incredible series, printed on 300g Rembrandt Acquerello Stucco paper and outlined with POSCA fluid acrylic markers.

“Hypebeast Series” – Hand Finished

Taking the opportunity to thank Daniele for his dedication, closeness and humility; and looking forward to being part of his private collection for many years to come!

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