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Josh Mahaby Pop Art
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Josh Mahaby on Singulart France Online Art Gallery

Josh Mahaby Pop Art now available on Singulart

I am very happy to announce that after many months of work, you can now find most of my work on Singulart, one of the largest online galleries in France, with an international presence on 5 continents. Here you will find the vast majority of my works: acrylic paintings, bowling pin art, works on paper and limited editions.

Thanks to all the singulart team, experts and advisors, for their professionalism and closeness. You can visit my profile by clicking this link.


Singulart Team


Singulart Art Gallery is a French startup that empowers artists in more than 80 countries to share original works with the global market. Founded in 2017, the Parisian startup has generated a portfolio of more than 2,500 carefully selected artists who do everything from abstract sculptures to landscaping.

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